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Hugo theme design, S3 hosting, CloudFront CDN, SES email forwarding, Git version control

Hack Cabin

Can we be our own client? Sure why not! We built Hack Cabin as an inside experiment to learn how to monetize websites entirely without ads or traditional social media marketing. And so far we’ve learned a fair bit about what it takes to

To create Hack Cabin we built the most popular vaporwave theme for the Hugo static site generator entirely from scratch and affectionately called it After Dark in homage to a certain screensaver made by Berkeley Systems back in the ’90s.

After Dark has been downloaded thousands of times and is used every day by dozens of information security, cryptocurrency, Internet gaming, culture and technology blogs across the Web.

Hack Cabin originally set out to be a travel and dating blog for digital nomads, but we’ve pivoted it to focus on cryptocurrency and start shuffling the other content to a new travel and tourism concept currently under stealth development at Shh, don’t tell anyone…

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